Saturday, 26 November 2016

Kyoto ...coming to the end of my trip now...

That sums it up really! Today the logistics worked and I was able to leave my luggage at
the hotel while I went off to explore...this was in the subway near a Starbucks where I stopped for tea!
 The clock had John Lennon written inside...wonder what that was all about....and they were playing Beatles music!!

 I had a list of things to achieve in Kyoto, and first on the list was gallery Kei, (thanks Lesley!) .....This meant a walk up Teramachi dori..and this was a lovely start to my stay in Kyoto, interesting places to investigate, and little bits of swag to add to the collection.  I went into this specialist paper shop and drooled at the lovely stuff....also had materials for muzihiki, so had to buy a bit to play with....Hope that luggage has elastic sides!!
 Eventually found the gallery but it was too expensive for me but I enjoyed looking at all the fabrics ....wisteria looked interesting...

I found the manhole covers disappointing compared to the rest of Japan....

......and that is all the photos for today as you can't shop and take pictures,,,and most people in the shops/streets are extremely reluctant to allow photos.

I truly had a whale of a time and the purse thought it was it's birthday!! By the time I got back to the hotel I had bamboo tubes, bits of bamboo  to play at ...perhaps a mat or ten.....who knows!! Also bought small bits of washi paper....and some fabric remnants ...and a braid with one of the bits....delightful! Hope the money doesn't run out!!

Returned to the hotel to find my cupboard...sorry room...actually better than the previous tiny one, as at least the case can go on the floor without causing an accident.!  The  check-in was by machine...first time I had come across that!  The staff (scant!) were very helpful and I felt that I would be OK here.  The hotel couldn't have been in a better position as it is in the street immediately behind the station so I only have to cross the road and walk along to the corner and turn left and left again and am almost in bed!! That will be good after a long day sight it is back to the camp out style of cuisine....and no microwave in this hotel...but I do have a kettle and fridge.  At least with the massive station complex so near I can always buy food of one sort or another......and I do still have some soup left!  There is bound to be a Mo burger or McD somewhere near...or a Starbucks, but haven't found any of these as yet.

Looked at all the swag and decided to weigh contents and convince myself all would be well...especially as it is Market day tomorrow...and I have planned this last leg of the trip so I can splurge on fabrics... you all know what I am like...and so do I as I have long ago come to terms with my habit! Only marginally cheaper than heroin or cocaine but much more fun!!

That's all for now! ttfn....don't forget all you's Ashby Magna on Monday and I am planning on calling in for a while since it is the last one before Christmas....

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  1. Good job it's not far to the station with all the goods you have to pack into your luggage, Sylvia! Sounds like you really enjoyed the shopping trip in Kyoto but will be glad to see you safely back at home for proper "face time"xx