The why and the how!

Just thinking about photos and checking what I am about, so here is a test!

This is an old but favourite photo of my dear Mum who will be with me in  heart and mind.  I only wish that it could have been possible for her to have been with me, but that cannot be.
Mum had always known of my interest/obsession with all things oriental and would have been glad that I managed to go to Japan. I have been to China twice - the first time Mum came too - she was a very young 75 at the time! When I returned from Japan in 2013 I still had some dosh left in the budget so after further saving etc, I am now ready to return.

Sometimes I am asked who is going with me or which travel company I am using etc etc.....well the truth is I am off on my own, with just myself and I for company. I have planned and booked everything myself so if it goes wrong it will be all my fault!  4 weeks on my own will be testing so I am relying on you the reader to keep me sane by adding comments and sending me address is the same as  usual

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