Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Home safe and sound but into frantic whirlwind of decorating....

Arrived home and all is well, but life just a tad frantic...first hadn't been able to connect to internet but too busy till tonight to sort that out...normal connectivity now re-established so caught up on email and the Blog is next in line!  Daytime is spent totally working at London Road house trying to finish jobs so Ruth and Andy can move in even though they will have no heating or hot water till after January 8th!!   Added to that the houses in our little row have been advised of a water leak somewhere on one of our properties and the fixing of this is the owners responsibility .....and if that wasn't enough, a small leak on the sewer was discovered at the foot of the down-pipe on Saturday.......it never rains but it pours!!  Trying hard to take all this in our stride!  The carpets go in on Thursday so once Ruth is free we can start to move their worldly goods out of the garage and into the house......

Will be catching up with photos from both the end and the beginning of my trip and will put them all into labelled posts so you will know what you are looking at....hopefully!

I would like to thank you all for following my journey and for all the emails and comments along the way.  It would have been lonely without you all and I hope you are not missing your morning fix too much! I can't believe I have been home for a week already!

Keep reading...I am aiming to catch up with the last few odds and ends over the next few evenings assuming not too worn out with all the decorating etc!


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